3 Easter 2024 Campaigns We LOVED!

Piccadilly Circus with blurred ads, a Mini Eggs ad in focus, and a London taxi passing by.

What Easter campaigns will be remembered in 2024? 

Now that Easter is gone for another year, we look back at the most memorable campaigns of this holiday. Creating a campaign for a specific holiday is just one side of the story, but doing something that will stay in people’s minds longer is a whole other dimension of marketing. Below is a rundown of our favourites from this year:

1. Cadbury Mini Billboard 

In honour of one of the UK’s favourite Easter delights, Cadbury and VCCP crafted a social media-centred advertising campaign that truly embodies the essence of Mini Eggs. Collaborating with model maker Paul Baker, the chocolate brand created miniature advertisements along with tiny ladders, buckets, and brushes to animate the installations. This campaign not only shows you how ‘mini’ their mini eggs really are but also that you do not have to spend hundreds of thousands on advertising to make it impactful. Mini but with a huge impact. How cute is that?

Piccadilly Circus with large screens, a blurred taxi, and a chocolate egg on a ledge in the foreground.

2. Purdys Chocolatier

It's impossible not to grin while watching Purdys Easter ad. The premise involves children being presented with a choice between extravagant gifts like trips to Hawaii, mortgage payments, and jewellery, versus a humble box of Purdys chocolate. Without fail, everyone opts for chocolate.

The ad is lovely, fun, and really heartwarming, getting us all excited for the holiday. We also love their slogan: "At Purdys Chocolatier, we think that simple things make us happiest." We totally agree. Plus, it's promoting their new Easter collection.

3. ASDA 'Come for the Eggs'

ASDA continues its tradition of captivating Easter advertising with yet another innovative campaign in 2024. This year, the setting is a picturesque English countryside, where a charming farmer family is woken up by their dog. However, there's one little twist to the familiar scene: the eggs they collect come not from ordinary hens, but from specially branded chicken coops, supplying ASDA with their Easter bounty.

With its British charm, ASDA once again captures the essence of the holiday season, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. And let's not forget the scene-stealing dog, because who doesn’t like dogs? It's no surprise ASDA's Easter ad stands out as one of the highlights of 2024.

We hope you all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed seeing these brand new Easter campaigns as much as we did.

If you’d like to discuss your next Easter campaign now, reach out to our egg-cellent (:D) tda! team!