Doddie Aid: uniting hearts, one stride at a time

My name is doddie foundation app Doddie aid on a mobile device

Empowering the Global Fight Against MND

My Name’5 Doddie Foundation is a charity with one goal: to see a world free of motor neuron disease (MND). Founded by the late Scottish Rugby legend Doddie Weir OBE, the Foundation secured a long-term digital partner in tda!, paving the way for innovative initiatives like the annual "Doddie Aid'' fundraising event. This virtual fitness phenomenon has not only captured the essence of Doddie's legacy but has also become a powerful tool for fundraising and community engagement.

Crafting Doddie Aid Platform

Tasked with amplifying Doddie Aid's impact, we embarked on the journey to create a platform that seamlessly blended participation, commercial success, and the joyful spirit that defined Doddie. Opting for a mobile app as the primary vehicle, we collaborated with GearedApp to deliver an accessible and engaging experience for participants across Apple, Android, and web platforms. The collaborative process, powered by Figma, ensured a harmonious fusion of design and functionality, translating the vision into a user-friendly reality.

Fundraising was at the core of Doddie Aid's mission. We implemented a £20 sign-up donation, transforming the act of giving into a meaningful exchange. Participants, in return, received a Doddie Aid tartan snood – a symbol of gratitude and a conversation starter for the cause, so that every time you see one of those snoods on the streets, you know the meaning behind it. The app's "Donate" section facilitated direct contributions, while the "Merchandise" area offered branded apparel, allowing supporters to wear their involvement proudly.

Participation wasn't just about fundraising, it was about movement. The app empowers participants to log activities seamlessly, either manually or through live GPS tracking. In order to open up the challenge to the widest possible audience, we included a conversion chart to allow for activities such as dog walking, (virtual) rowing, and even yoga. Leagues also added a personal touch, fostering friendly competition among friends, family, and colleagues.

Doddie Aid thrives on community engagement. That’s why the "Updates" section acts as a central hub, pulling feeds from the main charity website, Twitter, and Instagram, creating a virtual space where participants share achievements and fuel the campaign's momentum across social media.

Doddie Aid's Impact on MND

The impact continues to be nothing short of amazing. Over the last 3 years, Doddie Aid has seen almost 80,000 participants cover 8 million miles and raise over £4 million pounds for the Foundation. High-profile endorsements from Olympians, actors, musicians, and sports stars catapulted the campaign into the limelight, transforming it into a symbol of collective action against MND. The campaign's success wasn't just measured in funds raised but in the unity it fostered among diverse participants rallying behind a common cause.

As January 2024 unfolds, Doddie Aid returns once again the call to action remains open, inviting participants to join this fitness revolution, log those miles, and be part of a movement that transcends boundaries for a cause that truly matters. It's not just an event; it's a journey, weaving together hearts and strides in the ongoing fight against motor neuron disease.

Join Doddie Aid and make a difference here.