June Campaigns we LOVED!

A billboard with a man eating, text "CHICKEN, RICE, & BROCCOLI FOR DINNER. AGAIN." and a passerby in motion blur.

Welcome to another month of tda’s favourite campaign picks from the marketing industry! This June, the marketing world has dazzled us with some fantastic campaigns that not only capture attention but also address significant issues and engage with audiences in unique ways. Four standout campaigns we are reviewing this month: Women's Aid's football emergency awareness, Sabrina Carpenter's collaboration with Blank Street Coffee, Charlotte Tilbury's "leaked" email, and Gymshark's inclusive fitness initiative.

Women's Aid - Football Emergency

It is EUROs season, and the Women's Aid campaign for domestic violence awareness sends a powerful and impactful message. It brings attention to the concerning rise in domestic violence cases during major football matches, a reality that often goes unnoticed. The campaign uses striking statistics, showing an increase in domestic violence by 38% when England loses and 26% when they win or draw, to highlight this issue and encourage the public to recognize and address it.

The use of statistics is especially effective in this case, highlighting the contrast between the festive atmosphere of football and the hidden suffering of many women. This approach not only raises awareness but also fosters a deeper understanding of how societal events can intensify gender-based violence. By using familiar football-inspired visuals, the campaign ensures that its message resonates, gets noticed, and starts important conversations during times of widespread celebration.

White scarf with red text "NO MORE YEARS OF HURT" and Women's Aid logo, with phrases on domestic abuse awareness.

Sabrina Carpenter - Blank Street Coffee Collaboration

That's that, me, espresso ☕. In a brilliant move that taps into pop culture and social listening, Sabrina Carpenter's partnership with Blank Street Coffee has left a lasting impression on her fans and the broader public. This campaign wasn't just about promoting a product but also her new single "Espresso," creating a memorable moment that resonated with Carpenter's community of fans. By combining her recent global success with the trendy coffee chain, the campaign created a sense of closeness and reciprocity.

The beauty of this campaign lies in its clever use of cultural relevance and direct fan engagement. Fans were so excited to see Carpenter in a relatable setting and felt more connected to her journey, strengthening their bond with both the artist and the brand.

Blonde woman sipping a drink through a straw, with a playful expression, in a café setting.

Charlotte Tilbury - "Leaked" Email

Charlotte Tilbury's "leaked" email campaign is a masterclass in creating buzz and driving engagement through strategic email marketing. An email supposedly meant for internal use was actually a marketing tactic designed to simulate the accidental release of exclusive information, which in turn, generated significant chatter and anticipation among customers, especially on TikTok. This illusion of exclusivity made the audience feel privy to insider information, enhancing their connection to the brand.

What makes this campaign particularly effective is its timing and execution. In an era where digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving, this approach stands out for its simplicity and impact. By generating conversation and curiosity, Charlotte Tilbury not only boosted engagement but also successfully drew attention to their new product launch.

Screenshot of messages with a woman's face, before/after beauty edits, and promotional text.

Gymshark - ‘We Do Gym’ Campaign

100% dedication to the gym! In a calculated move that aligns with its core values, Gymshark's "We Do Gym" campaign effectively redefines its brand narrative and establishes a strong connection with gym enthusiasts. This campaign not only promotes their products but also creates a unifying identity for their community. By embracing the nuances of gym culture, like specific workout habits and attire, Gymshark has crafted an impactful message that resonates deeply with their target audience.

The campaign's strategic focus, reinforced by visually striking billboards and relatable messaging, aims to solidify Gymshark’s identity and presence in the competitive market. Through clever cultural insights and strategic engagement, Gymshark ensures a lasting impression on gym-goers worldwide.

Billboard under a bridge with a man eating, text "BITE-SIZED PROTEIN" and "GYMSHARK WE DO GYM".

June's standout marketing campaigns showcase the diverse ways brands can connect with audiences, address significant issues, and leverage cultural moments. Whether it's through raising awareness about domestic violence, engaging with fans in a meaningful way, creating buzz through innovative email marketing, or promoting inclusivity in fitness, these campaigns highlight the power of strategic, thoughtful marketing.These examples remind us of the creativity and impact that well-executed campaigns can achieve.