SEO and content: how to create content that drives organic traffic

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SEO and Search: How to Get Ranked

Are you relying on social media algorithms to get your content seen (a.k.a. posting and hoping for the best)? If you're still relying solely on social media algorithms to get noticed, you could be missing out on a goldmine of new followers and potential customers. The Google-TikTok Buzz

Did you hear the buzz about Google possibly integrating with TikTok? It's yet another testament to the growing importance of SEO in the realm of social media. But that's not all – Instagram, with its specific term search functionality, is also turning heads in the SEO world. There's so much more to uncover, and today, we're diving headfirst into Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube SEO practices. Welcome to Part 1 of your journey to SEO domination on social media. So, what exactly is social SEO?

Social SEO
is the art of enhancing your social media content with text-based features like captions, alt-text, and closed captions, making it easier for users to discover your content while browsing their favourite social platforms.

Three ways social SEO can help your business:

  • Get Your Content Seen: While in the past, getting your social content seen was all about algorithm manipulation, the landscape is changing. Users are actively seeking out content that interests them, rather than passively scrolling through their feeds. Social SEO shifts the focus from algorithms to discoverability – ensuring that when people search for information on social platforms, they find your content.
  • Grow Your Social Channels Faster: Social SEO isn't just about catering to your existing followers; it's about connecting with people who haven't found you yet. It's a potent strategy for growing your social channels faster than ever before. After all, new eyeballs are the key to rapid growth.
  • Reach Potential Customers Beyond Traditional Search Engines: This summer, Instagram unveiled a game-changing searchable map feature, putting it in direct competition with Google Maps for local business search. It's a clear indicator that social platforms are expanding their search capabilities. Don't miss the opportunity to be front and centre when potential customers are looking for local businesses.

Instagram SEO Tips:

  •  Optimise your Instagram profile with relevant keywords and location information.
  •  Include keywords and hashtags in your captions to improve discoverability.
  •  Use alt-text to enhance accessibility and content relevance.
  • Utilise subtitles to ensure your target keyword appears on screen.
  • Don't forget to tag your location for maximum visibility on Instagram Maps.

TikTok SEO Tips:

  • Boost your TikTok profile's SEO by adding relevant keywords.
  • Make your primary keyword even more prominent by speaking it aloud in your video.
  • Focus on keywords in the video description for improved TikTok SEO.
  • Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags.

YouTube SEO Tips:

  • Optimise your video file name with your primary keyword phrase.
  • Craft a keyword-rich title that mirrors user search queries.
  • Incorporate keywords into the first two lines of your video description.
  • Speak your keywords in the video and enable captions for added SEO impact.
  • If possible, create how-to videos, which thrive on search-driven views.

Whether you've been incorporating social media into your SEO strategy or not, we hope this journey has provided you with a newfound appreciation for the synergy between the two. Remember, the best platform to focus on is the one where your audience is.

At the end of the day, each strategy will need to be tailored to your brand, so play around or reach out to our specialists to make your SEO work for you.