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Streamlining the legal claim process for motorcycle accidents


Agnès Préau, Chloe Wooldrage, Kelly Wong, Liam Ryan, Paulina Wasik, in collaboration with Brandon Consultants


Marketing, UX, Web Design, Web Development

The brief

With over 30 years of motorcycle accident expertise, Fletchers Group were deserving of a website which represents their standards, credibility and respect within the industry. This new website would streamline the legal claim process for motorcyclists involved in accidents and serve as an information hub. 

A person riding a motorcycle on a road, enjoying the thrill of the ride and the freedom of the open road.
A man riding a motorcycle on a road, enjoying the thrill of the ride.


In alignment with the client's vision, we created an extensive information resource covering various motorbike accident topics. We wireframed 9 main pages that formed the foundation of the website's design and functionality.

To establish a professional and trustworthy image for Biker-SOS, we adhered to the brand identity developed by our partner agency, Brandon Consultants. We ensured a user-friendly interface guiding visitors effortlessly through the website's sections and incorporated multimedia elements, such as images and videos, for enhanced engagement. Additionally, the inclusion of real-life case studies added authenticity and depth to the informational resources.

Screenshots showing the Biker-SOS website, with striking violet and green graphics

Claim calculator

At the heart of the site is an interactive claim calculator, uniquely designed with an intuitive graphic interface enabling users to estimate compensation by clicking on specific body parts. This feature is fully responsive, ensuring a seamless experience on mobile devices and facilitating a swift initiation of the legal claim process.

The results

Working closely with Fletchers Group, tda! brought the new Biker-SOS site to life. We designed and developed a clean, informative and attractive website, increasing the brand’s online presence and attracting new customers. The claim calculator has streamlined the quote process, making it easier than ever for potential clients to get in touch.

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