Logo of "blooming good food co." with stylised white text and leaf motif on a vibrant green background, flanked by illustrated vegetables.

Blooming Good Food

Blooming Good…Food!


Michael Salmon, Scott Presly, Paulina Wasik, Ally Ebdon, Agnes Preau, Brandon Consultants


Social Media, UX, Web Design, Web Development


In recent years, there has been a monumental shift towards adopting flexitarian or plant-based diets; but it's probably fair to say there's still a perception that these can be a little bland. In response to increased demand (and with a mission to bring an oomph to taste buds everywhere), our long-term client, Symington’s, launched a new product range called Blooming Good Food.

Blooming Good Food is a snack brand dedicated to producing 100% plant-based pots based on the belief that the UK public should be eating for enjoyment and making plant-based choices without compromising on great taste.

The brief

Following on from the fun packaging design by our friends at Brandon Consultants, our challenge was to communicate this brand through Blooming Good Food's digital channels.

We collaborated with the Brandon team to craft a compelling story that's positive, distinct and positioned as ideal for consumers looking to reduce their meat intake without sacrificing taste.

A website header for "blooming good food co." with images of people holding vegetables and product packaging.


To support Blooming Good Food’s launch, we crafted a bright and vibrant website, placing a hero animation front-and-centre to bring the brand's illustrative style to life and explain its sustainable, plant-based credentials from the get go.

Our primary communication platform for raising brand awareness was social media (Facebook and Instagram) where we undertook paid advertising to reach identified audiences.

On social media, our content was formed around three key brand pillars:

  • Blooming Good News: Focused on uplifting spirits and celebrating positive stories to counterbalance the focus on negative news.
  • Blooming Good Kitchen: Aimed at inspiring customers to make convenient and sustainable food choices that benefit their health and the planet.
  • Blooming Good Life: Geared towards engaging audiences by sharing the versatility of plant-based options and encouraging experimentation beyond traditional uses.
Advert for Blooming Good Food Co's plant-based product with sweetcorn and green beans imagery.
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fake instagram icons
Four colourful plant-based food pots with the slogan "Blooming delicious, 100% plant based" on a sunny background.
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Graphic with "Pot luck winner!" text, featuring four colourful plant-based food packets labelled "blooming good food co." above a large pot.
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Advert for "Blooming Good Food Co." 100% plant-based pots with "Blooming flavoursome" slogan on green background.
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Four plant-based food pots from Blooming Good Food Co. with "100% PLANT BASED" text above and "Blooming Flavoursome" below.
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19 k
average visitors per month
8.31 %
engagement rate

In the first year, Blooming Good Food reached 19k average visitors per month to the website and an average engagement rate of 8.31% on social media content, far surpassing the 2% industry average at the time.

tda! created the website and social media for our Blooming Good Food Co. and it was great to work with the team. The whole process was seamless - on time, on budget and with no fuss or bother. If you want an agency who understands your needs from the word go and deliver against these and more, tda! is the agency for you.

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