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Better connected

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Better connected

We recently worked with an Edinburgh-based start-up business called My Company Life to create and build a communications app, aimed at employees of corporate businesses. Its purpose is to better connect employees and to facilitate internal communication in an organisation.


Employee engagement and information dissemination is a challenge to fast-paced businesses throughout the world. This is particularly true for businesses with staff who are field-based or located at multi-office locations.

Research shows that an engaged workforce is a motivated workforce – it increases happiness and wellbeing in the workplace and reduces absenteeism and staff turnover.

Idea: My Company Life

There are so many facets to one’s life in an organisation and so much to keep on top of. Intranets are frequently used to disseminate information to staff but remain, largely, uninspiring and underused. Our idea was to recreate the intranet experience - in an app environment!

The app contains news and events, a noticeboard, an employee directory, company and industry news feeds and essential company information – much of the day-to-day operation and communication requirements of a medium to large business. But more than that, it contains over 200 staff privileges – from flight discounts to free coffees – in order to reward staff and offer workplace incentives.


Early days but
encouraging signs

The app has only recently been launched into a beta phase of development, with a number of companies opting to test an ‘own-branded’ version of the app. Initial feedback from the beta programme has indicated significant employee positivity and take-up.

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