Chicken Tonight cook-in sauces

Chicken Tonight

Bringing a much-loved British food brand into the digital age


Agnès Préau, Charlotte Holland, Paulina Wasik, in collaboration with Brandon Consultants


Social Media, Web Design, Web Development


Chicken Tonight is a much loved British brand with great heritage. Their range of cook-in sauces have been a family dinner table favourite for decades. However, as consumer tastes and profiles had evolved, the brand had lost its relevance and needed a fresh approach to connect with a modern audience. Chicken Tonight required a rejuvenation in brand, packaging and recipes. tda! picked up the baton with a digital campaign.

Chipotle and lime chicken tonight jar Chicken tonight sachet french style spanish style chicken tonight jar chicket tonight sachet traditional style

The brief

Our friends at Brandon Consultants led an eye-catching rebranding effort offline and on-pack. This new look was encapsulated with a proposition of; “Tonight’s the night we’re going to wow them!”

Our challenge was to wow our consumers in the online space; introducing the brand to new consumers and re-engaging with familiar groups. We set out to create a shiny new website for the brand, paired with an updated social media presence.

Our solution

We redesigned the Chicken Tonight website to become a digital home for the brand. We aligned closely with the new packaging style to make the website feel cohesive and recognisable. The deep slate and lively yellow brushstrokes added textural interest, whilst assets such as ingredient cut-outs and the chicken motif added further visual appeal.

High quality food photography and new recipe content created an incentive for consumers to browse the site. Each recipe displayed a cooking time on the landing page, from as little as 10 minutes, to give consumers confidence that Chicken Tonight recipes would be simple and convenient to recreate.

The resulting website is user-friendly, mobile responsive, and uses subtle animation to bring the brand to life.

Screenshots showing the new Chicken Tonight website design

Social content

After researching where our consumer-base were likely to reside online, we launched a social strategy across Instagram and Facebook, taking the brand into a space where consumers spend time and communicate with friends.

We developed a content calendar that showcased mouth-watering recipes, cooking hacks, engagement-driving competitions, and interactive quizzes, all designed to stand out and also intrigue the consumer.

Social advertising

Recognising the importance of paid social media advertising, tda! devised targeted campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.

We utilised audience segmentation to reach specific demographics, including busy parents, young professionals, and cooking enthusiasts.

Promoted content included:

  • Visually enticing images and videos showcasing Chicken Tonight sauces in various recipes.
  • Carousel ads highlighting the brand's product range, encouraging users to explore different flavours.
  • 'Boosted' posts to ensure key content, such as new product launches and special promotions, reached a wider audience.

Through performance tracking, we were able to use analytics tools to monitor the effectiveness of paid campaigns. We then adjusted ad spend and targeting parameters based on real-time performance metrics.

+ 60 %
increase in website traffic within 1st year
+ 75 %
social media followers

The results

Through tda!'s strategic approach, Chicken Tonight successfully rebranded itself for the digital age, connecting with a new generation of consumers while maintaining its classic appeal.

By focusing on engaging content, the brand not only regained relevance but also established itself as a humorous yet authoritative voice in the culinary world.

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