Juvela gluten-free food products displayed on a purple background.


Digital transformation for one of the UK’s favourite gluten free brands


Scott Presly, Michael Salmon, Kari Yoshime, Paulina Wasik, Agnes Preau, Liam Ryan, Julia O'Neil


eCommerce, Marketing, Strategy, UX, Web Design, Web Development


Juvela has been the leading supplier of gluten-free foods in the UK for over 25 years. Having developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all things gluten free, Juvela pride themselves in providing care and support for Coeliacs.

Historically Juvela’s route-to-market has been primarily through prescription. However, changes to NHS prescription services in many areas across the UK sparked a need for Juvela to explore other retail markets in order to sell their products in addition to prescription.

This distribution change led to a rebranding requirement across all of its product ranges; everything from loaves and rolls to flour mixes and pasta, led by our friends at Brandon Consultants.

The brief

This change also spurred a rethink as to the role of digital communications. With Juvela now serving a wider community and competing in different markets, what did this mean for their digital platforms?

In order to arrive at the answer to this question, we undertook a number of workshops and audience research before diving into a multi-faceted approach.

Baked goods on a pink background with a gluten-free mix box and wire rack.


Here For Coeliacs Every Day, Every Step of The Way.

Our plan was simple: help Juvela live their slogan “Here For Coeliacs Every Day, Every Step of The Way”.

Transforming the Juvela website into a vibrant hub for gluten-free living was at the core of our efforts. We curated engaging content including real-life stories, FAQs, blogs, and practical tips, creating a welcoming online space tailored to the needs of the gluten-free community.

Beyond content, we implemented interactive features like recipes and videos to showcase Juvela products in action, making the gluten-free lifestyle not only manageable but enjoyable. We wanted to spark excitement and enthusiasm among visitors, reinforcing Juvela's position as a trusted ally in their gluten-free journey.

In addition, we streamlined the e-commerce experience, developing a user-friendly online store using Shopify. This allowed customers to easily subscribe to regular deliveries of Juvela products, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Screenshot of a gluten-free recipe website with images of various dishes and a community section.
25,000 +
55 %
increase in new users within 1 year


Since the launch of the revamped website, in which our team was involved in strategy, user research, interface design, website development, content creation, and e-commerce implementation, we've witnessed a remarkable surge in inquiries and sustained engagement.

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We have worked with The Digital Age for 5 years now and they have a good understanding of our needs, the complexities of the industry that we work in and our customer profiles. When we chose to redesign our website – they met our brief from both creative and technical standpoints. They developed a more modern website for us which was SEO friendly, provided great content, offered a good user experience and that would be easy to manage going forward. Weekly status meetings kept the project progressing well and it was delivered on time and within cost. I would highly recommend ‘The Digital Age’ for delivering digital projects.

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