Sustainability Innovation Lab

Empowering Sustainability Reporting in Asia


Charlotte Holland, Chloe Wooldrage, Paulina Wasik, Scott Barron, Kelly Wong, Liam Ryan


Branding, UX, Web Design, Web Development


Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has become the one of the most well known institutions in sustainability reporting standards worldwide. Having successfully worked with them across a number of their categories already, their global team trusted us to help them with the launch of their new brand, the Sustainability Innovation Lab (SIL), as part of their joint venture with the IFRS Foundation within the ASEAN market, where the need for sustainability reporting is rapidly growing.

The brief

The first step was to create a new, distinct visual identity that was separate to the main GRI brand and that would resonate with the ASEAN market. Following this, they needed elegant marketing collateral to help them actually launch and make a great first impression.

Scattered green business cards with 'Sustainability Innovation Lab' branding and QR codes.

Visual identity

The SIL team had a clear vision of their identity and how that should be expressed in their branding. They wanted to include a symbol of nature - through plants or life - as well as expressing qualities of innovation and education, whilst sticking to a distinct pink and green colour scheme.

Our designers played around with 3 different creative routes before finding a design that really popped and resonated with the team. We incorporated the dragonfly into the logo and imagery which is a powerful symbol of prosperity and agility in Asian cultures.

Open tri-fold brochure with text and graphics related to sustainability, resting on a grey surface.

Marketing collateral

As the brand would be presented online but also in person through conferences and expositions, SIL needed an identity that would transition perfectly onto print materials. We delivered a full marketing package to make their launch as seamless as possible. This included a range of print and digital assets like brochures, business cards and digital templates.

Website development

Last but not least, we designed and developed a new website in time for the launch, serving as an information hub for businesses in Asia that recognise the increasing need for corporate sustainability reporting. We also created a beautiful preloader animation that appears when the site loads which helped to boost the already-high quality and professionalism of the site. 

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